Wasting Time | lykos music

Feeling kinda uninspired today but I wanted to put something up. So this is me just fucking around for half an hour today :D 
Enjoy. or not. 

God I’m having so much fun just fucking around with my new Launchpad and Nocturn.

I’ll get Kel to take some photos of them so you can all see :D

well today wasn’t as glorious as i had hoped :(

In the end I picked up a Novation Launchpad and a Nocturn but I was hoping to get more. (the store was sold out of the other things I wanted)

I’m still excited about what I did end up getting though.

I’ll put some pictures up when I get home from work in a few hours :)

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Broken and Lost | LykosMusic

New track from Lykos



Ratchet is boss.

Ratchet is boss.

I can’t wait to get some new equipment next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sooooo pumped!!!!!!!!

I’l post photos when I get the stuff :D

awesome day (fuck yes)

had a really great day today. got up and had salmon bagels followed by heading out to Armageddon to see some cool stuff and get some cool swag (pics to follow?). then Kel and I went wandering around town taking photos and shit. good day all up.

&#8230;which reminds me, I have gamecube games to be played&#8230;

…which reminds me, I have gamecube games to be played…